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Cebu Hash Shirts AKA Hash Attire

It is an accepted norm that Hashers give themselves `odd/humorous` names and turn out to Hash suitably attired. In most cases, this means wearing a Hash related T-shirt or singlet.

Over the years, many such shirts have been produced for the benefit of Cebu Hashers. Shirts to commemorate special dates, unusual runs or, just for the fun of it.

This gallery is NOT a sales advert it is only a historical note on most of the Cebu shirt designs - both for nostalgia and (hopefully) to inspire new shirt designs. Many shirts were paid for through sponsorship from local businesses; so, the backs were used to show sponsors logos.

Our Haberdasher usually carries a small stock of the current designs.
Peace Beer
Paradise Bash Back
666 Front
Proposed Front
Proposed Back
666 Back
Danao 2008
Paradise Bash Front
Very Old
2009 Bash 1
2009 Bash 2
300 Back
April Fool
McShit Back
McShit Front
Milkmade B/day
New Hare Back
New Hare Front
OLD Easter
Osmena Back
Osmena Front
Xmas 2017 Back
Xmas2017 Front
400 Front
Xmas 2003
66 Front
66 Back
Halloween 2000 Front
Halloween 2000 Back
Run 295
10th Back
10th Front
600 Back
600 Front
Rules Back
Rules Front
Xmas 2000 Back
Xmas 2000 Front
Cartoon Front
Cartoon Back
21 Front
21 Back
Bohol Feb 2000
Bohol 2000 Back
2000 Formal Front
2000 Formal Rear
Xmas 99 Front
Xmas 99 Rear
Xams 2001 Front
Xmas 2001 Rear
Xmas 2018 Front
Xmas 2018 Rear
700 Front
700 Rear
Boozette Front
Boozette Rear
2001 First Olango Front
2001 First Olango Rear
Bogo 2013
Bohol 2014
Chili Chase Front
Chili Chase Rear
No Problem
69er Front
69er Rear